Your Natural Menopause at Work

How to manage your menopause at work without resorting to HRT and antidepressants

Course Description

Going through the menopause makes life difficult at work for many women. For some, things get so bad that they consider leaving work altogether. However. menopause is a perfectly natural stage of life that every woman goes through. 

One of the problems women encounter is that the people around them do not understand what they are going through and the symptoms that go along with it, which may require some adjustments to be made

In this course you will learn how to manage your menopause naturally in the work place without needing to resort to HRT and antidepressants.

Topics covered include

  • How to balance your hormones
  • How to manage individual symptoms which affect your work
  • How to communicate with your colleagues
  • How to talk to your manager and negotiate any changes you need to make
  • How to improve your work life balance

The course consists of a mixture of video lectures and accompanying downloadable worksheets and information sheets. There are lots of exercises to help you achieve a stress free menopause at work and you will notice benefits in the rest of your life too.

Menopause is NOT an illness. It is a normal stage of life that all women go through at some point.  This course takes a holistic view to improve what is, after all, an exciting new time in your life.

Everything you need to make your experience of the menopause stress free at work

8 Videos
16 PDFs
Caroline  Love and  Helen Dearlove
Caroline Love and Helen Dearlove
Natural Menopause Coach

About the instructor

Helen and Caroline formed Menopause Matters Guru to help women navigate the menopause naturally without resorting to medication.

Helen has many years of experience of using natural methods of staying well, she has extensively researched and lived all the natural methods mentioned in these programs. Additionally, she has access to a wide range of nutritional and holistic experts to ensure that her knowledge is always current and relevant.

Caroline has many years experience coaching and mentoring people to have a better life. She has a particular interest in making life less stressful at work with a focus on work life balance. 

Both Helen and Caroline are certified personal performance coaches.

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